Moretto USA will present Eureka Plus at the NPE Bottle Zone Technical Forum 2018

Moretto, South Hall 17095, on Monday 7th May at 10.45a.m., Moretto USA will proudly take part in the Bottle Zone Technical Forum, presenting a background and overview of the Eureka Plus drying system. Motivated by success with a growing list of USA customers, Moretto USA will exhibit prominantly at NPE2018 with two booths: The first, W8545, located in the West Hall, will present innovative solutions for any processor in need of conveying, drying, additive feeding, blending, temperature control and supervisory control products and systems.

The second Moretto booth, S17095, is located in The Bottle Zone of the South Hall, an area dedicated to innovations targeted for the critical PET sector of the plastics industry. Particular attention will be dedicated to the resin-drying process: Mr Gene Flockerzy, Moretto USA General Manager, will presents to the Bottle Zone Technical Forum’s audience the new drying system Eureka Plus. Eureka Plus is a modular, self-adjusting, energy-saving dehumidification system. It is comprised of four Moretto-patented technologies: Moisture Meter Manager, an in-line resin moisture sensing and drying control, the X Max, a high performance, multi-bed dryer with consistant dew point, the Flowmatik, a dynamic airflow management device, and the OTX, drying hoppers with superior mass flow drying characteristics. The Eureka Plus system effectively closes the loop on resin drying by in-line measurement of each granule’s moisture content and applying this data to the adaptive drying system. Ever-responsive, the system essentially provides “drying on demand”, based on the real drying needs of the polymer at any given time. Managing drying functions in direct response to environmental variables that typically interrupt predictable polymer moisture levels, the Moretto drying system can guarantee production certification and maximum energy efficiency.

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