Solutions and complete turnkey operations for the plastic bottle blow moulding industry

And & Or South Hall Level 1 S19097 The highlights which will be shown at the NPE will be the Bagging Machine: Today Bagging is one of the most popular ways of packing bottles around the world, offering a wide range of benefits in the packing process: a significant costs saving towards traditional corrugated box and tray.

It often allows more bottles per layer, thus increasing the number of bottles packed in a pallet. The improved hygiene in products, being the bottles protected from human manipulation or cardboard contamination, of special importance in applications such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food bottles. The Automatic bagging machines producing self-made bags from rolls of thermo-shrinkable film (no need of pre-formed bags). With a small footprint: It is usually installed after the blower and the leak tester and finally it automatically arrays bottle layers and packs them into bags, by means of automatic film supply (rolls) without the need of an operator intervention.

Quality Control: And & Or presenting also the leak detection technology which is available with models that process from 1,000 up to 32,000bph for containers from 150ml to 20l. Great versatility, high sensibility and automatic calibration, has made And &Or systems a market reference. The LS Series a conveyor mount design can be integrated over the existing line conveyor. It is supplied with one or more heads, fix or mobile, depending on the production line output and bottle size. Optionally weight control or camera vision built-in systems can be included in the leak testing machine.

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