Process Pilot, 3-step approach for PET bottle manufacturing process and automated laboratory

Agr, Stand S16045 Agr International offers a number of products that are designed to aid bottle manufacturers achieve their most aggressive light weighting and sustainability goals while maintaining the highest quality. Agr products are designed to assist container producers, converters and fillers stay competitive while meeting the increased quality demands of today’s changing world.

Process Pilot automated blowmoulder management system – With Individual Mold Control, is designed to help PET bottle manufacturers measure, control and optimise their bottle blowing process in order to produce the highest quality, best performing bottles possible while maximising production efficiency. The Process Pilot system interfaces with the blowmoulder to provide precise material thickness distribution on a per bottle basis while managing to eliminate the effect of process and environmental variables that impact bottle material distribution throughout the production cycle. The Process Pilot system offers a simple three-step approach towards PET blowmoulder management: First it measures material distribution and pearlescence on every bottle, secondly it controls the blowmoulder to overcome process variation and maintain on-target material distribution and at last it optimises the process to suit the product, application or business objective of the production facility.

Automated laboratory system is a solution that offers a precision pick & place industrial robot to select, handle and transfer PET container and preform samples through multiple thickness and dimensional tests. Integrated with Agr’s Gawis container measurement system, comprehensive measurements, including thickness and critical dimensional measurements can be performed without operator intervention. The tests are fully optimised and performed quickly and efficiently through the handling of the multi-axis robot and the fast throughput of the Gawis measurement device. Test results are compiled with data correlated by sample and consolidated in a single test report. The system offers a number of benefits including hands-free, walk-away operation, efficient management of samples, testing operations and documentation of results, and an improvement in testing throughput. In addition to the Gawis measurement system, the automated laboratory system can be configured to incorporate Agr devices for top load, volume and pressure measurements, providing a complete laboratory automation solution to meet the challenges of over-worked testing labs and the ever increasing demand for testing to manage quality and support ongoing production.

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