San Francisco – Los Angeles

The two big cities are a challenge for RV owners. Overnight parking is practically impossible, and parking generally is difficult. Having arrived in San Francisco, I stood above the Golden Gate Bridge on the first night admiring the fantastic view of bridge and city. I did the typical tourist trip to Alcatraz. It’s easy to understand how the prisoners lived here, locked in for what must have seemed an eternity overlooking the vibrant San Francisco just across the bay.

Oh yes, appointments, appointments, I had them too …

In California, the extreme drought of recent years has significantly changed the population’s relationship with and understanding of water. Bottled water is experiencing a boom. These days, every child in California is aware that drinking a glass of tap water consumes three times as much water as the same glass from a PET bottle.

It’s not simply inexpensive bottled water that is in vogue; premium waters are increasingly in demand. Premium water used to come from overseas just a few years ago, but currently, a significant selection of domestic water is now available, and every year a hundred new brands are added, of which just 5% make it in the market. So we have looked at the smaller bottlers of premium water to examine this trend more closely.

Alexander Büchler