Bericap YouTube videos show new product developments

An e-smoCap video is one of the first product videos to be found at Bericap’s YouTube channel. The video gives a detailed overview of the main product features of e-smoCap. It is a childproof closure that allow easy refilling of e-cigarettes through a long, narrow nozzle – a technique that can be applied to other product sectors where precision dosing is of paramount importance. The closure is fully recyclable, complies with the Tobacco Product Directive and is ISO 8317 CRC certified by the French Laboratoire National d’Essais. A tamper evidence band ensures that it is tamper-proof, thus providing safe use for end


In addition to the established production lines in Bericap France, Bericap UK has recently invested in a completely new production line to manufacture e-smoCap vape bottle caps. By using video techniques, the main product features are presented in an animated way that are intended to make the product features easy and quick to comprehend.

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