New Sukano management leads company to achieve silver medal from EcoVadis for sustainability practices

Sukano has been awarded a silver medal for its sustainability practices by EcoVadis in its first-ever evaluation. In three out of four

categories – Labor Practices, Fair Business Practices and Sustainable Procurement – Sukano ranked well above the average of its industry peers, scoring in the top 15%.

“We are extremely pleased with our initial score from EcoVadis, as it underscores our
efforts to not only build a successful business, but also continuously behave responsibly
by integrating social and environmental concerns into our daily business practices,”
said Norman Egger, CEO of Sukano AG. “We look forward to further improving our
business operations. Our aim is to go beyond regulatory compliance and achieve new
market standard levels in an effort to provide our business partners and stakeholders
outstanding performance in the years to come.”

EcoVadis analyses and rates the corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance of
companies according to 21 indicators in the areas of the environment, fair labor and
business practices, ethics and supply chain. The silver medal from EcoVadis confirms
that Sukano addresses CSR-relevant matters proactively, and is actively engaged. In
addition, Sukano’s scores and ratings are based on the operational structures it has
put in place, and the tangible actions taken on major issues, including reporting key
performance indicators.

Changes to the Management Committee

To reach this milestone and pave the way to further achievements, Sukano is also
making two changes to its Management Committee, effective April 1, 2018. First, the
Board of Directors has confirmed Norman Egger as Chief Executive Officer of Sukano
AG. Mr. Egger has been acting as CEO ad interim since September 2017. Mr. Egger is also
Managing Director and Chairman of Sukano Finance AG as well as a Board Member of
all Sukano companies worldwide. He has been with Sukano since 1998.

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