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The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) announced that the sold-out Bottle Zone at NPE2018 will cover more than 65,000 net square feet on the exhibit floor. The new zone will provide a comprehensive look at the trends, technical knowledge, innovations and suppliers that serve this booming sector of the plastics industry.

With plastic bottles and jars representing approximately 75% of all plastic containers by weight and expenditures on food-and-beverages increasing 5% in the first quarter, growth in bottling manufacturing is taking hold in the U.S. and around the globe. Increased consumption makes the Bottle Zone the ideal place for manufacturers to strengthen their position in this $12.6 billion sector of the industry, as reported in the January 2017, IBISWorld Industry Report 32616, "Plastic Bottle Manufacturing in the US."

“We aim to highlight the plastic industry’s growing trends at NPE,” said PLASTICS’ President & CEO William R. Carteaux. “Given the increase in consumer demand for plastic bottles in the last year, the launch of the Bottle Zone will provide a platform for bottle manufacturers to take a deeper look at issues important to this segment, such as sustainability and safety, to ensure they are able to effectively meet consumer demands and give them a strong competitive advantage.”

The Bottle Zone, presented with supporting partners PETplanet, drinktec and the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT), welcomes attendees to explore the next generation of bottles and containers from 80+ manufacturers and suppliers (resins, colourants, additives, preforms, moulds, dryers, labelling, filling, capping, closure design, inspection equipment and recyclers) and to learn about the latest innovations in the manufacturing of bottles and containers at the Bottle Zone Technical Forum’s specialised sessions. Topics include:

  • Raw Materials, Additives, Barrier
  • Preform and Closure Manufacturing
  • Bottle Blow Moulding Technologies
  • Bottle Filling and Inspection Technologies
  • Downstream Packaging and Recycling Technologies

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