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Inventra, part of Creon, will host the Fourteenth International «PET 2018» Conference and the Fourth International «RPET and Recycled Plastics 2018» Conference on February 15-16, 2018 at the Hotel Baltschug Kempinski, Moscow.

According to the organisers, there will be significant changes in the structure of global PET consumption in the near future. Not long ago, anti-dumping duties against Chinese PET were imposed by Japan, Canada and the United States. Consequently, the export volumes from China will be redistributed to Europe. At the same time, in the oversupplied market in Europe, Chinese producers are often offering lower prices compared to their European and Korean counterparts. “How will this situation affect the PET import structure in Russia?” and “Will the import share grow to challenge the local supplies?” will be some of the questions highlighted at the conferences.

In 2017, the PET consumption in Russia is expected to have decreased. This is connected with the limitation on PET bottling for beer, adopted recently in the country. It should be noted that the volumes of beer bottling have not changed; but the PET packaging has yielded some share to glass and aluminium. How the situation within PET consumption will change? Can restrictions be reviewed?

In the segment of terephthalic acid production, it is possible that the only Russian PTA producer announces modernisation outage. The turnaround is planned to be compensated by imported raw materials primarily from South-East Asia. However, taking into consideration the large overproduction of terephthalic acid in China, there is a risk that affordable imports will remain competitive against local production even after the upgraded Russian capacities are back in operation.

The plastics recycling in Russia, on the contrary, becomes increasingly promising. The number of projects for separate waste collection is growing, while the products made of recycled plastics are being widely used in various industries. How will the segment develop in future? What impact will the expanded producer responsibility and other legislative initiatives have on the industry?

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