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October 19, 2017 | Smart machine

Fakuma, Engel, Hall A5, Booth 5204 iQ weight control sold more than 1,500 times-Industry 4.0 has arrived in the injection moulding industry. With production cells becoming more and more complex due to increasing process integration and automation, steering and controlling them must become that much more simple and intuitive. This is an important goal in the smart machine area. Self-adapting assistance systems play a decisive role in this. They increase process consistency and quality without requiring the machine operator to acquire special expertise.

io demonstrate the functionality of these solutions, Engel will be producing inject 4.0 logos on an Engel emotion 80 TL injection moulding machine at its booth. The CC300 machine control is capable of simulating process fluctuations; the automatic readjustments by the intelligent assistance systems can then be tracked on the display of the machine.

While iQ weight control maintains consistent injected melt volume throughout the entire injection moulding process, iQ clamp control monitors the mould breathing in order to calculate and automatically adjust the optimal clamping force. iQ weight control was the first of the Engel iQ systems to enter the market five years ago. Initially, the software was only available for injection moulding machines with electric injection units, but now hydraulic machines can also be equipped with iQ weight control.

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