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Fakuma, Gabriel Chemie, Booth 5204, Hall B5 Gabriel-Chemie is active in almost all business areas of the plastics and packaging sector. The packaging of drinks and foods is one of the most demanding and sensitive packaging tasks there is. Gabriel-Chemie has developed the “Pure” seal of quality on the basis of an intensive dialogue with processors and manufacturers of brand products.

This is a unique additional service and offers masterbatch customers complete transparency with regard to the physiology of the ingredients. Pure is based on test methods – recognised as standard within the sector – for the testing of incoming and outgoing products. These methods include the detection of non-intentionally added substance (NIAS) using gas chromatography as well as the organoleptic sensory analysis.

Colour Vision No. 18

Gabriel-Chemie traditionally uses the industry event as an opportunity to present the newest edition of the Colour Vision series to the public for the first time. This year’s edition contains 18 opaque plastic lens plates, which present the innovative colours and effects. The creative source of inspiration in the world of plastics is making its debut this year in its 18th edition and has puts its presentation through a visual relaunch. When choosing the theme, the colourists at Gabriel-Chemie were inspired by the Danish wellness trend of ‘Hygge’ as well as Industry 4.0 and digital progress. The new themes are therefore called “Identity” and “Digital Economy”. Next to warm red tones and sparkling effect pigments, one find colours that appear especially technical.

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