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Drinktec Shyam Plastic Machinery, Hall A4 – Stand 546 India-based Shyam manufactures stretch blow moulding machines, ranging from 600 B/H to 12,000 B/H. The company will be demonstrating a 7 cavity all electric Pristine series linear blowing machine, with a speed of 10,000 B/H. The preform loading system and heating conveyor is based on continuous movement without the pneumatic reciprocating movements, eliminating abnormal wear & tear of moving parts and also reduces air consumption. The machine is based on Neck Hold system, right from preform entry to bottle ejection, thereby reducing the number of change parts, and change-over time.

A Servo Stretching system with individual blowing valves is claimed to allow precise Stretch-Blow process control. Blow Air Recovery being an integral part of the equipment further reduces power consumption. The use of Servo motors allow for smooth and controlled movement that help in reducing abnormal wear and tear of parts. Reduced pitch in the oven allows a higher number of preforms in the given heating area, and hence efficiently heat preforms using less heat, with minimal heat loss.

In addition to live reports, live user manual, the Online Remote monitoring provided in the machine makes it easy to provide After Sales support to the customer.

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