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Drinktec Vipoll Hall A2 - Booth 303 The Slovenian specialist in filling plants, Vipoll, will be presenting a world premiere with its "All-in-One" combined rinser/filler/capper block for glass and PET bottles as well as cans. The "VISITRON VKR-E 32-32-4K/4D" is able to process 9,500 330ml cans and 330ml bottles per hour. The system is suitable for carbonated and still drinks such as beer, soft drinks, wine or juice.

The new "All-in-One" carousel-type system for glass/PET/cans features multifunctional elements that process the individual containers without changeover of parts. The rinser is equipped with 32 grippers and the same number of filling valves plus a capper for crown caps and can lids. The rinser is a carousel-type system with universal grippers. This means that the time-consuming changeover from bottles to cans is no longer necessary. All containers, including cans, are subjected to double pre-evacuation. Product infeed and decarburisation are carried out in the tried and tested 2-channel-design. With regard to filling customers can choose between manually or automatically adjustable filling pipes and volumetric filling.

The capping tower with eight servo-driven capping stations comprising four capping heads for crown caps and four capping units for cans is another innovation from Vipoll. Rinsers, transfer systems and the capper are in sync with the filler; cable routing is designed as a closed system. All parameters can be easily set on the display. Depending on the container type every second head of the capper is activated. For the filling of PET bottles an additional capping tower is inserted into the housing. However, the tower could also be used to process two different caps without capping head changeover.

Besides the "All-in-One" filling block, Vipoll will also provide information about high-performance machines, filling systems and solutions for the filling of alcoholic drinks without preservatives in PET bottles. Other key products include de-gassing plants with extremely low oxygen values as well as flash pasteurisation systems for beer and hot-filling, mixers for non-alcoholic drinks and beer blenders.

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