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Holland Colours is launching Holcopearl 2287 for PET packaging. The polymer-based product is intended to deliver deep colours with optimal dispersion on automated lines running at high speeds. “The idea to develop Holcopearl came from customer feedback and the trends we see in the industry and among our customers and their customers,” says Wilfried Grob, Sales & Marketing Manager Europe at Holland Colours. Among these trends are the moves to higher production speeds, deeper colours, more sensitive dosage settings, and the switch to spherical PET granules instead of cylindrical ones.

Plants today are also increasingly automated and are focused on high efficiency. “We noticed the developments in the market and decided to develop an additional solution specifically for the PET industry”, continues Grob.

A further key benefit is that Holcopearl has been developed with the Holland Colours’ Product Stewardship Program behind it. Holland Colours does not only look at existing product compliances and declarations in line with European and FDA regulations, but also runs these programs on new product developments. This involves taking an active approach to understanding the regulatory challenges the company’s customers face.

The Holcopearl 2287 has a higher melting point and can be used with all dosing equipment. The granules are round – hence the word ‘pearl’ in the name.

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