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Drinktec Lanfranchi, Hall A6 - Stand 103 The intense R&D activities which have been a feature of Lanfranchi in recent years have led to a new result in terms of technological developments applied to unscramblers: the automatic change-over. The Unscrambler 2.0 is capable of handling a wide range of containers of different shapes and sizes.

This technology allows the Lanfranchi Unscrambler to reduce the bottle format change-over without requiring the constant presence of an operator. The total change-over time is between 4min to a maximum of 7min. The machine working principles remain almost unchanged:

  • Lift master system for bottle selection
  • Single funnel or SR system
  • Deformed bottles detecting system
  • Bottle extraction with or without a vacuum star-wheel
  • The orienting system has been replaced by the PRS system (Position Recognition System)
With Unscrambler 2.0 the new configuration for the additional bottle size will be automatically created by the PLC, allowing a fast and easy change-over. During the change-over, the bottles can be fed easily into the machine. Each movement of the automatic change-over is also controlled by the machine's PLC, thus permitting the operator to check the position of every component involved in this operation. The Unscrambler 2.0 has been around for one year now. The Lanfranchi Unscrambler 2.0 can be seen functioning in Spain, where it has been recently installed.

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