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Spectra have reported an increase in customers using their Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials for their packaging. The company has made great strides in providing environmental alternatives for brands seeking a sustainable outcome, with PCR orders growing rapidly according to Gavin Chenery, Commercial Director at Spectra.

Available in both HDPE and PET, PCR provides a sustainable pack that can be recycled again. Minimising or replacing the use of virgin materials, PCR consists of recycled resins that could potentially end up in landfill sites.

However, because PCR has already been processed originally from a fossil fuel to plastic, the reuse of that plastic into a new PCR bottle doesn’t require any further depletion of new fossil fuels, providing a closed loop packaging solution.

The production of PCR begins with the collection and sorting of recycled plastics in commercial and residential recycling programs. The discarded plastics are ground, washed, dried and pelletised ready to be used again. The materials are then stringently monitored by Spectra to offer reassurance and traceability, something they regard as a key factor in the process.

Spectra’s PCR products can be made available in varying strength let-downs, right up to 100%. However, there are some colour variations from batch to batch, especially when customers opt for a higher let-down. Because PCR originates from discarded coloured plastics, there can be a small number of inclusions in materials, something Gavin was quick to offer reassurance on: “Whenever any of our customers look at moving to recycled plastics we always provide expert advice and extensive testing to ensure they are happy with the end result. That said, the combined sustainable benefits and our commitment to ensure no compromise on quality and design has proved hugely popular with brands looking to take the environmental leap”.

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