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Amut Ecotech, Recycling Division of Amut Group, has supplied for Edwa city of Minya Governorate, Egypt a municipal solid waste recycling facility for the management of recyclable materials. The plant is planned to go into operation by June 2017.

Amut Ecptech was awarded the public tender issued by the United Nations Development Programmer (UNDP) Solid Waste Management in Minya Project in 2016. The project is financed by the Italian Egyptian Debt for Development Swap Program based on a commercial agreement between the Italian and Egyptian Republics. The plant represents a pilot scheme that will be then replicated in other rural governorate aiming at upgrading the overall management of the municipal wastes across the country.

The plant has been designed with the following outcomes: reducing quantities and volumes of waste to send to landfill, maximising quantity and quality of recyclable materials, getting best quality of final RDF product in terms of calorific value and achieving a great ratio between plant production and investment costs. The facility is designed to segregate 300t/day of municipal wastes based on their type.

Photo: Potential investors were invited on April 6, 2017 to visit to the plant along with Dr Khaled Fahmy, Minister of Environment, and Mr Essam Bedewy, Menya Governor and Mr Tarek Younes, UNDP Project Manager.

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