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Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. a leading manufacturer of PET and plastic bottle stretch blow moulding machines, will be conducting daily live moulding demonstration of its ASB-12M model, the latest iteration of the smallest class of machines produced by the company, that can trace their ancestry back to the early 1980s. Despite the small size of the machine, it has a vast range of capabilities for production of all types of PET containers including highly efficient light-weight bottles, all the way through to premium brand heavy-weight cosmetic containers of the highest quality.

The ASB-12M’s popularity is further enhanced by its ability to process a wide range of non-PET resins combined with very low total cost of ownership.

Key features include:

-Ability to process more than 15 resin types in addition to PET.

-Moulds containers from 5ml or less all the way up to 2,500ml capacity.

-Variable cavitation from 15mm neck diameter eye drop bottles in eight cavities through to 83mm neck diameter jars in a single cavity.

-Servo driven hydraulic pumps installed as standard, contributing to major energy savings and offering smooth and quiet operation.

-Backwardly compatible with existing class mould tooling with minimal modifications.

-Small size allows fast mould changeovers will minimal manpower, and minimal / no special lifting equipment.

In addition, the model displayed at interpack will be fitted with the optional long stroke injection unit that provides a 50% increases in available shot-size, expanding the scope for large containers, heavy-weight cosmetic bottles, or materials such as polypropylene that have lower density.

All of these benefits make it an ideal platform for a start-up company looking to make future-proof investments in an ever-changing market. ASB-12M with its full featured specification also makes an ideal laboratory machine for R&D work and pilot moulding before committing to much larger multi-cavity systems for major projects. At interpack 2017 the machine will be demonstrated moulding a 100ml thick walled cosmetic type bottle in four cavities with a substantially improved production rate.

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