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Equipment and process technology specialist Sipa will point the spotlight at its expertise in speciality PET containers at interpack. It will have a single-cavity SFL 1 XL stretch-blow moulding machine making large bottles fitted in-line.

In addition to its capability in two-stage systems (Sipa also makes several sizes of XForm preform injection moulding units), Sipa will highlight its ECS range of single-stage ISBM equipment at the show. This range was extended several months ago with the addition of two smaller models when Sipa acquired Automa’s ISBM business. These ECS ‘SP’ units, which were recently upgraded, have enabled Sipa to improve its ability to provide a full service to companies producing speciality containers in all shapes and sizes, whatever the output requirement.

ECS SP machines are ideal for the production of containers as small as 20ml in small to medium-sized batches, , for markets such as detergents, pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetics and beauty care, as well as foods. They can also make the miniature drinks bottles used by airlines for their light weight and break resistance.

With new technology developments launched every year, Sipa stays in tune with market needs. It is one of the few in the market to provide flexible bottling lines suited to meet current trends in the beverage market, with its demands for lighter bottles, increased product differentiation, and multiple product formats, including large sizes containers. Sipa bottling lines allows bottlers to fill multiple products on the same line such as water, CSD and hot filled juices enhancing the value of the investment.

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