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HSM GmbH + Co. KG, a German manufacturer of baling presses, PET solutions and document shredders, will be exhibiting three new machines from the vertical baling press series HSM V-Press. Their performance and longevity make them an economical waste management solution.

HSM hall 11, booth A32

V-Press series is said to reduce costs at the usually underestimated waste disposal cost centre. The smallest, the HSM V-Press 60, is a mobile collection container with an assembled manual press for voluminous packaging materials such as plastic films, plastic and paper bags, as well as packaging paper and light cardboard packaging. Due to the leverage, the machine produces well-compacted, stackable bales with a bale weight of up to 40kg for reducing the volume of waste. The bales produced by the HSM V-Press 60 can be pressed into hydraulic HSM bale presses and pressed to larger and higher-density bales. The HSM V-Press 825 is characterised by its low transport height. The pressing process runs automatically. A text display provides detailed information on the current state of affairs. The sliding door automatically opens at the end of the pressing process. It is easy to remove the bales; the bales weighing up to 280kg can be conveniently transported on a pallet.

The HSM V-Press 860 is equipped with the fast-speed technology that was specially developed at HSM for the V-Press series. This significantly reduces power consumption and drive output while increasing throughput at the same time. Compared to conventional drives, this technology reduces the cycle time by up to 40%. Due to the special pump technology, the machines are particularly quiet. With a press force of 548kN and the stable press guiding plate, it effortlessly presses used packaging material such as cardboard and plastic film. The bales reach a weight of up to 480kg and are held together by a 4-fold wire strapping. Polyester strapping is also available as an option.

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