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PET Technologies Company together with the partner Packing Equipment Plant Thermo-Pack have successfully carried out a joint project and installed a complete filling line to bottle Krayna TM water produced by “Akazia 2013”.

PET Technologies’ task was to implement the idea at the bottles’ design. So they developed 0.5 and 1.5l bottles. The larger one is decorated with the authentic rhombic ornaments typical for the Zakarpattia region (Western Ukraine). They symbolise wealth and fertility. The rhomb with a point in the centre stands for the sown field and welfare. The 500ml bottle ornament reflects success, wealth and personal growth.

Akazia 2013 bottling plant is situated in the Zakarpattia region (Western Ukraine). The water, rich in solicium and other minerals, is bottled not far from the spring-well that contributes to its natural structure and purity.

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