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January 13, 2017 | Portioned wine in PET

The US Californian company Stacktek is featuring a wine packaging solution engineered to emulate the look and feel of glass while offering portable convenience, portion control and ease. StackTek consists of four pre-filled, stemless 'glasses' that snap together to form the equivalent of a traditional 750ml bottle of wine.

The bottling line is located in Modesto, California. Here, StackTek's 100% automated bottling process transforms raw goods into the finished, ready-to-ship product. With quality control measures in place to ensure perfect execution, the high-capacity packaging line is said to flawlessly complete each step – labelling, filling, sealing, assembling, packaging and palletising.

With a specially engineered filler, they utilise a method known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). MAP extends the shelf life of products: Premium wines filled and sealed within StackTek containers experience a shelf-life of up to 96 weeks.

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