Automated surface preparation and cleaning solutions

Fakuma: Cold Jet, Hall B3, Booth 3223 Cold Jet is developing environmentally responsible dry ice cleaning solutions and production equipment. The company will present its automated surface preparation and cleaning solutions at Fakuma. This technology is aimed to provide profound clean for many applications.

Cold Jet is experiencing the demand for automated system solutions for both online and offline cleaning and surface preparation as well as for applications requiring repetitive dry ice cleaning. Cold Jet‘s systems are designed and manufactured to be ready for easy integration. They include, e.g., a 24-pin plug from where all commands can be transmitted to the robot control system, from a signal light to the dehumidifying unit on wheels. The dehumidifier provides a continuous cleaning process which is mobile and flexible.

The painting preparation with integrated dry ice blasting system eliminates the need for manual cleaning, deburring and deflashing, and allows a faster, consistent process. Improving part quality, increasing productivity and reducing costs for applications, such as surface preparation of plastic, metal and composite parts, injection moulds and permanent aluminum moulds, tire moulds, painting lines and many more. The system combines dry ice production with one or more blasting systems into one unit (Combi 120H or Combi 350H), which allows continuous, fully automated blasting. The efficient systems require about 30% less dry ice, are easy to control and can be controlled via remote diagnostics. With Cold Jet unnecessary edges and burrs can be safely removed from PEEK, PBT, Acetal, Nylon, LCP, ABS, UHMWPE, Nitinol etc., without damaging the surface of the parts. Dry ice produces no secondary waste, is non-abrasive, non-conductive and non-toxic.

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