Optimise the product’s packaging

Drinktec Lanfranchi, Hall A6 – Stand 103 The machineries that Lanfranchi will expose at Drinktec will be a two cavity blow moulding machine, a low speed and a high speed Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine.

The range of the linear blow moulding machines offers the possibility to produce standard and customised bottles, from small sizes up to 40l, including special shapes and wide mouth containers at a high production rate. Lanfranchi supports its customers by offering the service for the bottle and preform design through its dedicated department for the container development and industrial sampling. The laboratory is committed to perform the test to qualify the products, including mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics.

The newest machinery AllWrapper on license of Colines, that is truly the star of the show for Lanfranchi. The AllWrapper system, covered by several patents, is the perfect tool to optimise the products’ packaging, no matter if they are bottles, cans, pots or bags. It is presented in two options: low speed and high speed. This system is capable of saving more than 50% on packaging material and finally the elimination of the shrink tunnel, which considerably simplifies the process and drastically cuts down on energy consumption.

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