“Technology 4.0” for filling and packaging systems

Drinktec KHS, Hall B4 – Stand 328 Together with its customers, KHS develops lightweight bottles with characteristics that are intended to be ideal for production, logistics and eye-catching presentation at the point of sale. Combined with the trend towards space-saving blocked systems that facilitate operation, KHS offers systems to meet all requirements. Visitors will have the opportunity to see such a space-saving system at the exhibition booth.

KHS also offers small- and medium-sized bottlers technology and know-how that have proven effective. The systems supplier has integrated established technology of can and keg fillers, for example, into new systems for smaller quantities. KHS will also be presenting a compact solution for labelling that is likewise tailor-made to meet the requirements of the lower capacity segment. Common to all developments is the capability of enabling the machines to grow in size in accordance with increasing quantities with simple upgrades.

In view of increasing digitisation, Technology 4.0 also focuses on the benefit for users. Effective control instruments become IT systems that are decisive for managing the entire system. Users realise more economical and more reliable processes thanks to further automated and precise control of all processes. Systems previously tried-and-tested in practical operation pave the manufacturers’ way to the digitised smart factory.

At Drinktec, the KHS Group will also provide insights into disruptive and sustainable systems for filling and packaging in the food and non-food sectors that will soon open up to customers new opportunities within their production and product marketing activities.

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