Product handling all-in-one

Drinktec Gebo Cermex, Hall A6 – Stand 330 The packaging industry is increasingly facing sophisticated consumption trends that present various challenges to the production and distribution of goods. Gebo Cermex is responding to these ever-changing complex needs with the introduction of the product handling technology AQFlex. Packaging line performance of this new system is offered together with agility and contactless product conveying and accumulation, in a compact space.

With packaging quality playing a key role in brand recognition and ever-increasing production diversity, a growing number of stock keeping units (SKUs) and even product and secondary packaging personalisation now possible, manufacturers are looking for improved flexibility and responsiveness from their existing packaging systems. Easy re-engineering of existing lines is also important if producers are to easily adapt to big changes in demand.

Producers and brand owners are therefore becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to their line requirements. They look for packaging solutions that are space-saving, easy to maintain, ergonomic in design, simple to use and sustainable. In face of these ever changing demands, Gebo Cermex claims that the product handling system AQFlex would help manufacturers meet all their current performance objectives, as well as prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

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