Improved line performances

Drinktec Krones, Hall B6 – Stand 100 The principal focus of Krones’ presence at this year’s drinktec is on improving line performance, to ensure higher individualisation and flexibility, and to impart additional sustainability to the production operation. Digitalisation plays a key role in this context, and constitutes a unifying theme for the entire Krones stand. Because marrying iron and steel to clouds and data makes for an even closer intermeshing of all processes along the entire value added chain – and will in the end upgrade performance levels in the production environment as well.

Amongst the exhibits will be a high-speed line for filling bottles with beer as well as a varied spectrum of block concepts for complete lines.

Concepts for individualisation will be exemplified by a pilot line comprising a combination of filler, direct printing machine and intelligent conveyors on which Krones intends to show that even small batch sizes can be efficiently produced while retaining flexibility. This means that in future products can be filled on a just-in-time basis, and the containers individually dressed using a direct printing process – without order-picking and without warehousing.

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