All types of PET bottles

1Blow will present its 2-cavity machine type 2LO that is capable of producing all types of PET bottles between 150ml and 2,5 litres: round, square, oval, off-centred, with or without neck orientation, for cold and hot fill applications. All options are directly available on a new machine or as an upgrade at a later stage. Consequently, 1Blow customers are free to adapt their equipment and their investment to the real needs of their markets.

Most of the existing standard moulds in the market may be re-used on 1Blow machines thanks to the specific mould holder that is installed in the press.

All main functions are servo-driven, providing high accuracy and extreme high outputs. 1Blow machines maybe directly connected to an air conveyor or to a chain conveyor to exit the bottles to the filling line or to a palletiser.

Despite its footprint limited to only 2 x 2 metres, the 2LO offers a full access to all components thanks to its internal floor, enabling easy and quick changeovers.

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