New blow-moulder EBS K Ergon: SMI solution devoted to Industry 4.0

Since 1987 SMI has been developing cutting-edge projects and technologies, in order to offer turn-key bottling lines and flexible, ergonomic, efficient packaging machines, inspired by the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT). On booth 14D12 SMI will exhibit the world premiere of the new compact blow-moulder EBS K Ergon in Ecobloc version (model Ecobloc Ergon 4-12-4 K EV) as well as an electronic volumetric filler.

Based on the technical developments of the stretch blow-moulders of the EBS Ergon series (Electronic Blowing System), SMI engineers have developed a new series of compact rotary machines, called EBS K Ergon (“K” refers to the German word “Kompakt”), suitable for outputs up to 8.800bph. The new models, available in 2-, 3- and 4-cavity versions, offer all advantages of rotary technology, with an output range traditionally controlled by linear blow-moulders (from 3-4.000 to 8-9.000bph); thanks to the state-of-the-art solutions, the EBS K Ergon series can produce PET containers up to 3 litres with a maximum output of 2200bph per cavity for the 0,5l format.

Some key advantages of the new EBS K Ergon series are: the preform heating section (tunnel) is integrated with the stretch blow-moulding section (blowing wheel) in a single, compact module, which can be installed even in small bottling lines. The tunnel features a horizontal preform feeder chain and an optimised ventilation and aeration system. The infrared lamp units responsible for heating the preforms in transit are equipped with a system of thermo-reflective panels made of an energy-efficient composite material, and are situated both in front of and behind the lamps. The structure that contains the tunnel and the blowing-wheel is equipped with safety doors that are slightly rounded, providing more space inside the machine to perform cleaning and maintenance tasks easily and safely. The stretch-blowing wheel is equipped with motorised stretch rods controlled by electronic drives and do not require mechanical cams; this innovative solution ensures precise control of the stretch rod’s travel and position, as well as significant energy savings.

SMI in hall 14 – D12

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