The Go with the Flow Tour Stage 2: Destination Vietnam and Cambodia

In stark contrast to the wintry PETplanet headquarters we left behind, here in Ho Chi Minh city, my first stop on this section, we are basking in temperatures of 35 degrees – and with humidity to match. Fortunately, I did bring an extra supply of shirts along with me.

Although I’ve already been here for four days, I’m still suffering from jet lag and am constantly awake by 6 o’clock in the morning. At least it’s a break from the working day. Since last Tuesday, the Propak Vietnam Fair has been underway in the city, ending tomorrow. On Monday I managed to weave my way through the bustling metropolitan traffic, which mainly consists of motorised two-wheeled vehicles, to meet up with our contact at the trade fair Jenny, who accompanied me through the hall which is still under construction.

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