Plastic Technologies partners with The Packaging School to provide expert PET curriculum

Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) is partnering with the global learning platform for packaging professionals “The Packaging School”, Clemson University, to help packaging and plastics professionals enhance their PET knowledge via an online educational platform.

PTI course offerings through The Packaging School will include:

• Introduction to Polymers and PET

• Container Design and Development

• Preform Design

• Barrier Container Technology

• PET Recycling

• Material Handling and Drying

• Blow Molding Processing

• Preform Heating

• Blow Molding Machine Practical

PTI will also continue to provide its educational content via its own PTI Online Academy portal, as well as multiple courses taught in a classroom environment in the United States and Europe.

With 500+ enrollments on the platform in just one year, professionals across the world visit on a daily basis to consume the latest training videos, enabling them to work more confidently and efficiently. The Packaging School’s e-learning courses are continuously updated to meet the growing, changing needs of today’s competitive workforce.

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