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Polymetrix got recently awarded with new SSP and rPET contracts in various regions. Currently bottle grade PET plant capacities are expanded throughout Africa. Polymetrix received two new orders for SSP capacity expansion projects and is currently starting-up a relocated SSP plant. By the end of 2017 more than 450,000t/a of PET will be processed with Polymetrix SSP technology on the African continent.

Polymetrix was also the successful SSP bidder for a new industrial yarn project in South East Asia. The plant will produce polyester yarn for airbags. Central Asia is another region where Polymetrix’ latest vPET and rPET SSP technologies were the choice of the investors. The basic engineering activities have been initiated. The production of the two plants is scheduled to start in 2018 / 2019. Polymetrix SSP technology will be used for a 250,000tpd PET bottle grade capacity expansion project in the Southern part of China. The start-up is scheduled in Q2 2017. The project pipeline for 2017 is backed by a respectable number of SSP investments in a mature status. The new polymer capacities will find their end-use in tires, air bags, PA and PBT engineering plastics, PC applications as well as in PET bottles from vPET and vPET/rPET blends. Polymetrix’s SSP and thermal conditioning plants are claimed to offer robust, highly efficient process technologies for food and human safety related polymer based products.

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