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With immediate effect KHS is to cooperate with the LiquiForm Group by contributing its own patents to the development of innovative moulding and filling manufacturing technology, a technique which combines two previously separate processes. The two companies have now signed a license agreement to this effect.

With their cooperation they hope to achieve a breakthrough for the new LiquiForm moulding and filling manufacturing technology which in the long term is to supersede the conventional stretch blow moulding process. The KHS Group has been doing its own research into this combined technology for many years now and will contribute some of its expertise to the project.

At the time of writing, beverage producers who wish to fill PET bottles first have to manufacture bottles from preforms in a stretch blow moulding process using compressed air. The blown containers are then filled with beverage at a second stage in the proceedings. LiquiForm technology permits bottles to be made and filled in one single operation. To this end, the liquid to be bottled is used during filling to shape the receptacle. The new technology is currently at an advanced stage in its development.

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