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Gea will present components and solutions for breweries, wineries, beverage production as well as to beverage industry experts. Gea’s innovations and improvements offer a wide range of possibilities to make processes more efficient and hygienic, and improve product quality.

Gea will present the Gea HopstarTA Dry for hop treatment in the cold process area of breweries. It is available as a skid-mounted standardised plug & play unit for dosing rates from 200 g/hl to 600 g/hl. Gea offers batch processing using reverse-osmosis/membrane filtration with a capacity of 2.5 hl/h up to 10 hl/h to produce high-quality non-alcoholic beer along with evaporation technology. The technology uses filtration temperatures below 10 °C and reduces alcohol levels 5 to 0.5 Vol. %. Gea rotoramic Membrane Disc Filters help with the concentration of valuable products. They can, for example, be used to recover beer from surplus yeast or retentate in the fruit juice industry.

Membrane Disc Filters have 75 % lower energy consumption when compared to cross flow filtration systems. Gea D-tec stem diaphragm valves are perfect for dairy and beverage industry applications requiring elevated hygiene standards. They help extend product shelf life and reduce the use of preservatives.

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