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The patent-pending R-Pro dense-phase vacuum-conveying system developed by Conair to minimise pellet fracturing, “angel hair” and equipment wear caused by conventional dilute-phase conveying, will make its first appearance at a European tradeshow when K 2016 begins. Other innovations on display will include a new FLX-128 Plus conveying control, which now can be set up to operate the R-PRO system, a new Mobile Drying/Conveying (MDC) system with standard colour touchscreen control interface, and several examples of equipment from Conair’s auxiliaries.

The R-Pro system (which stands for Resin Protection Conveying System) is a new approach to vacuum conveying. The R-Pro system is said to reduce the severity of typical problems such as pellets smear against the sides of aluminium tubing, deforming and creating long streamers or “angel hair” that can clog the system at high speeds. Comprised mainly of standard vacuum-conveying components, R-Pro results in slower flow and less resin damage without limiting throughput. It is claimed to be cost-competitive and can be retrofitted to existing systems.

The new FLX-128 Plus system can not only control R-Pro systems, but also integrates Conair’s newest line-proofing systems. The FLX-128 Plus flexible control system utilises a combination of centralised I/O and expansion modules, interconnected via industrial Ethernet to provide control of up to 128 receivers, 40 pumps (plus 2 back-up pumps) and 256 source valves.

For the first time anywhere, a mobile drying/conveying system (MDCW) will be shown with Conair’s newest DC-A touchscreen control interface. The MDCW combines a Carousel Plus Dryer with a conveying blower, dust collector and direct-feed vacuum receiver to convey dried material to the throat of a processing machine – all assembled on a safe, convenient wheeled cart.

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