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With the 21st edition of Birkner’s Beverage World 2016/2017, the publishing house continues its successful book series with regard to companies of the international beverage industry. In this new edition you may professionally research for company developments in the international beverage market in more than 20.000 updated company profiles from 197 countries.

In reliable structured manner you will find company information regarding more than 5,400 breweries, 5,500 producers of mineral water, juices and soft drinks, 2,400 distilleries, 1,300 hop, malt and raw material suppliers, 6,200 suppliers und 480 associations and institutions. Apart from names and addresses including websites the new edition also offers information regarding management, services, products and brands, machines and capacities, capital and turnover. In addition to the 12,600 e-mail and web addresses in the print edition there are also QR Codes for direct contact as well as for current news regarding product management and service updates of the companies selected.

The professional web access to the regularly updated web database is intended to complement the book edition in an ideal manner. The combination of company profiles and trade news offers a professional view for current and accurate market observation. Comfortable multilingual research and data export functions support the pinpoint search. The regularly updated company profiles of the web database are enhanced by daily current trade and company news.

The access to the complete internet database is available at a price of 319.00€ p.a., the book is available at a price of 277.00€, and the combination of both media for 470.00€ directly from the publishing house.

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