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All of the components within a compressed air system should operate as efficiently as possible: compressors, compressed air treatment and distribution systems. True efficiency is measured at the system level. In other words, components don’t work in isolation, they work together in perfect coordination.

In modern compressed air stations from Kaeser, this aspect is performed by the advanced Sigma Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0) compressed air management system. This system automatically monitors operating conditions, together with current air demand, in order to coordinate operation of the connected system components. The result: a dependable supply of quality compressed air with cost-effectiveness, reliability and availability. This concept minimises service costs and improves value retention of the entire system.

Also on display is the technology of the CSD/CSDX series of rotary screw compressors and Secotec TF and TE series refrigeration dryers providing efficient compressed air treatment.

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