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The non-profit environmental association Ecoce is promoting the collection and recycling of post-consumer PET and other materials in Mexico. The association has now published new figures on recycling in Mexico: according to their own figures, Mexico has recorded the highest collection quota in America for PET for the past four years.

In 2015 the collection quota amounted to 50.4% (364,000t) of national consumption (722,000t). The association also reported an increased demand from the Mexican recycling industry from 191,000t (46%) in 2014 to 218,000t (60%) in 2015. 40% of the PET collected is exported. Export countries are China, USA and others. Mexico has 14 PET recycling plants (total capacity: 300,000t/a, total investment: US$314m) There are currently efforts to further develop the national recycling capacity.

The experiences of the past 14 years have encouraged Ecoce to push for the collection of further packaging waste materials such as aluminium, PE and other materials. In relation to these efforts, Ecoce has been carrying out a three-tiered campaign “Reciclamos tus envases” (Let’s collect your packaging) since March 2016, which aims to raise public awareness about the collection and recycling of packaging materials over the long-term.

Ecoce brings together 24 member companies from the Food and Beverage industry. These represent 64% of the national PET consumption.

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