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September 05, 2016 | Excellent residual emptying

"Active Pouch" is based on the principles and functions of origami and uses its specific structure to increase stability and flexibility at the same time. The PET container produced using stretch-blow moulding has been designed for highly viscous contents. With its geometric design, it is possible to compress the container so that it can be completely emptied.

Since the Active Pouch is emptied only by compressing the container and not with a dispenser, the container offers a hygienic and faster application or cleaning. If the Active Pouch is not completely emptied, it can be resealed and stored for cooling at any time. The PET container may be recycled after use in the PET recycling system and can therefore be used again as a raw material in production.

The application is the winner of the “Deutscher Verpackungspreis” (German Packaging Award) in the category „Young talent“. The jury praised the good implementation of an often imagined idea.

Submitted by: Laura Wittmann

Designer: Laura Wittmann

Developer: Laura Wittmann, Timo Janssen, Roland Ertl

Manufacturer: Krones AG

Educational institution: Regensburg University of Applied Sciences

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