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PET Division is making a presentation on ‘PET Development Trends: Niche Resins, Markets and Application Innovations’ on 08th (2nd day) at 11:20 h in the PETnology conference. This presentation will focus on niche developments both on resin front and new markets and applications in India. These developments will have potential learnings for other regions also and can snow-ball into bulk usages for niche PET containers across the globe.

The resin innovations will include ‘Barrier resin, EBM, Thin Wall Moulding and Opaque Master Batch’ among other PET developments. On the applications front, this will focus on 'Milk, Beer, Sugarcane and other Juices, Personal Care shift towards PET, Paint containers, Bulk PET packs for industrial end uses/beverages incl. milk, Blood Collection Tubes and other PET container innovations’.

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