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Levissima, belonging to the Sanpellegrino Group, presents its new ‘#LA75’, whose packaging is the result of the collaboration with PET Engineering based in Treviso, Italy, which already handled the development of Levissima 0.5l, launched in 2009, and Levissima LaLitro, winner of the 2011 Packaging Oscar, both of which are still in the market.

The brief given to PET Engineering stated two ‘must-haves’ for the packaging: create a bottle that could easily be carried around every day and which also could visibly express the unspoilt purity of the Levissima water that gushes from the Valtellina glacier.

PET Engineering’s team came up with a slender and clean shape with an ergonomic and functional grip. The decorations around the grip actually work together with the push & pull top, allowing the bottle to return to its initial shape after every use. The cone-shaped neck has a raised feature showing the Valtellina Mountains, keeping the theme of the other Levissima-branded bottles, such as the prestigious 750ml glass container for the Ho.re.ca. channel.

The new ‘#LA75’ is transparent and represents the purity of Levissima water. It is very light, making it easy to slide inside your handbag, gym bag or computer backpack; it is easy to handle and ergonomic, perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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