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For many years, laser technologies have been used in the beverage packaging industry to ensure effective marking of products. Fibre lasers became the system of choice, offering virtually maintenance-free operation. NII Laser Technology integrated high-power fibre laser sources specifically developed for laser marking on beverage closures, caps and lids, with proven efficiency over 50,000 hours operation.

The Dynamic Laser Marker (DLM) series of equipment was specially developed for the beverage industry to fulfil laser marking needs on the inside and outside surface of closures, caps and crowns. The DLM-BC Pro system has been selected by a number of closure manufacturers in Europe. However, the question of using laser additive (master batch) for many closures colours was still unresolved and required further research. A system was sought that could achieve high contrast marking without the need to use any laser additive in closures production. Eventually, the UV lasers in the DLM-BC Pro-N system were used, as a result of which it became the first system ever to allow laser marking on plastic closures and caps without the need to use laser additive. This has had a significant effect, and the technology has subsequently been approved by many well-known beverage brands. Not all colours of closures can benefit from the new system, however, and these are still being marked, at higher speeds, with fibre laser.

The DLM-BC Pro-D is said to be the first system to combine two laser technologies, enabling additive-free laser marking on most closures colours at maximum speed. Laboratory tests have confirmed that the technology is safe to use with food and beverage products.

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