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Husky Injection Molding Systems announced an update to its Altanium hot runner controller warranty programme. Effective immediately, all new Altanium H-series controllers are covered by a five-year warranty that includes the interface, H-series control cards and mainframe.

This Altanium warranty covers any new controller that contains H-series or HL-series control cards. This programme covers new Altanium Neo2, Delta3 and Matrix2 controllers and is the only five-year warranty that includes the operator interface (Neo2, Delta3 and Matrix2).

Altanium H-series control cards are said to offer an improved measurement and control accuracy and benefits such as compact design, the detection of a wide range of fault conditions by measuring both line and earth leakage current as well as the detection of a short and stops power output before the fuse clears, using the fast acting short circuit detection function.

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