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SMI's new APS palletisers for tertiary packaging, dry packaging, up to 100 packs/minute are designed and manufactured according to the new Ergon platform, where ergonomics and advanced machines integration are said to enable to offer cost saving bottling lines, ensuring the reduction of production costs, higher energy savings and the efficiency of the whole system.

The palletisers of the APS Ergon series feature Scara technology and can be outfitted with a rotation system and/or a continuous pack manipulation system working on three Cartesian axes, which is standard on APS 3100 LP models.

The packs coming single lane on a conveyor belt, turned and arranged onto more lanes as set in the palletising scheme, thus preforming the layer. A special mechanical actuator separates from the packs in accumulation the layer just formed, while the manipulation system arranges the following layer. The layer is then introduced into the loading head in a precise and smooth manner, thanks to the fact that the system exploits the movement of the belt and it doesn't require elements for the mechanical transfer of the layer.

The sliding safety guards distinguish themselves for a slightly rounded shape allowing the installation of low energy consumption motors in an external position if compared to the mechanical groups they actuate. Thanks to this, the operator can easily carry out the entire activities real ted to both use and maintenance of the plant.

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