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Kiefer Werkzeugbau GmbH with its headquater in Schwaigern, has worked almost for 30 years in the field of tool and mould making for the plastics processing industry. Global corporations from the packaging and food industry are also among the customers, as regional SMEs.

Synergies of thermoforming are used and since 2004 Kiefer has become a fixture in the area of blow-moulding. As an independent mould maker Kiefer produces moulds for all conventional rotary blow moulding machines like Krones, Sidel, KHS, SIG, Sipa and for linear blow moulding machines like ADS, Arcor, Bekum, Kosme, MAG, Side, SIP, Tetra Pak. Kiefer designs in the field of light-weight and low pressure base design, big-container design - up to 18,9l, as well as for prototyping and testing in the company's own competition center.

Innovative bottom interpretations in the field of light-weight and low-pressure base design with the Pataloid-base and the flat base allow the bottler reducing the blowing pressure by 30-50%, thereby leads to resulting in huge energy savings. The optimisation of the ventilation system between the bottle and the mould cavity enables faster exhaust of the air with a lower blowing pressure. Air moves in a homogeneous way: vent holes are replaced by lines. The finish of the bottle is improved, with a stronger, yet lighter base. These specifications of the light-weight & low pressure base design are common to all suitable blow moulding machines.

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