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In 2015 the systems supplier KHS Group increased its turnover by 8.9% compared to 2014. In total the company achieved an overall turnover of €1.17 billion, with the main drivers of growth being not only the European market but also those in Asia and the Americas, plus the further expansion of its service business.

To date Europe has been one of the main reliable markets in the company's development, with KHS generating about a third of its total turnover, namely 32%, on its home continent (2014: 35%). Other markets are also gaining in significance, however. In 2015 the share of sales at KHS grew in both Asia-Pacific and in the Americas. While Asia-Pacific now accounts for 28% of total sales (2014: 24%), the share on the American continent in 2015 was 26% (2014: 25%). Last year's sales in the Middle East and Africa also remained stable at 14% (2014: 16%).

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