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PET Engineering, the international design company for design and industrialisation of PET packaging received the prestigious 2016 Packaging Oscar - Quality Design - category, at the headquarters of the Corriere della Sera in Milan, Italy. Adding on those already achieved in 2011, 2013 and 2015.

The packaging Oscar, already at its 59th edition, was organised by the Istituto Italiano dell’Imballaggio (Italian Packaging Institute) and sponsored by Altroconsumo, Ipacklma 2018 and the Design School of the Polytechnic Institute of Milan with the objective to honor the packaging solutions that best reflect the major technological innovations in terms of design and sustainability. The jury selected 19 packaging solutions and chose 8 winners; the winners received 4 Environment awards, the topic of the 2016 edition, 2 Technological innovation awards, the special Quality design award and the Jury overall award.

The winning packaging solutions were selected based on the 10 principles of the Packaging Ethics Chart for a responsible, balanced, safe, accessible, straightforward, informative, contemporary, visionary, educational and sustainable packaging; a packaging that combines, on the one hand, practical functions such as preservation, protection, transport, accessibility and easy disposal, and on the other, its communication functions, transforming it into a tangible product capable of establishing a connection with the consumer.

9.3, the 500ml PET bottle for pasteurised beer presented by PET Engineering was designed according to such criteria. 9.3 stood out for its light weight, 26.3g instead of approximately 27.0g of a glass half-liter bottle - for its material, which keeps the bottle safe and unaltered from high temperatures during the pasteurisation cycle, and for its Pelliconi pull-off cap, which not only facilitates the opening process, but also the disposal of the whole packaging in the plastic waste, since its label is also made of the same material.

The decision of the Jury, chaired by Professor Mario Grosso of the Polytechnic Institute of Milan and composed by university members (Bocconi and the Polytechnic Institute of Milan), communication agencies, specialised consulting firms of the field and consumer representatives was based on the fact that: "The PET bottle for pasteurised beer features a balanced and clean design that is both traditional in terms of appearance and innovative in terms of materials. This is a contemporary and accessible product that also offers an additional service to consumers since the cap can be opened by hand.”

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