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The company PET Engineering presents a preview of the new logo which will gradually replace its current one over the course of 2016. The international company PET Engineering known for the design and industrialisation of PET packaging in the food, detergents and cosmetics sectors, founded 30 years ago by Moreno Barel's is evolving its image.

One of the main reasons behind PET Engineering's decision to change its image is a desire for a logo capable of conjuring up the values which the company has stood for and its unrivalled know-how recognised the world over. "We decided to invest in rebranding because we believe it is time for us to communicate our identity more clearly and effectively, bringing out the distinctive features of our unique DNA: we are not only bottle designers but true PET packaging innovators, through a consolidated approach that integrates strategic design, engineering and research." says the CEO Moreno Barel.

"For the development of this important project we relied on Univisual, a consulting company in Milan leader in brand strategy and identity systems planning, to help us realize our positioning and formulate a strategy capable, on one hand, of organising the structure of our company's services and, on the other, of translating our people-based design vision into a brand," continues Elisa Zanellato, PET Engineering's Marketing Manager.

The new logo features a human head wearing a special crown made up of an idealised neuronal network representing a scientific mind with the intention, on one hand, of "chemically synthesize" PET Engineering's talent and creative approach and, on the other, evoking the importance of the individual in reference to both the internal working team and the end users of each packaging designed and engineered. The human profile facing right, also describes an action of thought that looks forward, with projection towards the future, expressing a dynamic vision oriented to technological innovation. The whole of the new logo's formal composition is high impact emotionally speaking communicating competence, strategy, specific creativity and results orientation, requisites which PET Engineering international reference point in the sector for product expertise and Italian design, makes available to its clients to enhance brand performances.

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