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Nongfu Spring a well known Chinese bottled water producer has invested in a second Sidel bottling line to extend its production capacity. In addition to the regular 380ml, 550ml and 1.5l PET bottle formats, the company’s bottled water is also available in a four liter family size, which was only available in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

When Nongfu Spring decided to switch from HDPE to PET for its four litre bottles, the company was looking to create a bottle to stand out on the supermarket shelf. The PET bottle is fully transparent and light, requiring less material to produce and creating less waste compared to a HDPE bottle which lacks clarity and needs more material to manufacture.

The PET bottling line offers lower total cost of ownership through its capacity for higher production output than a HDPE line. The Combi, manufactured in the Sidel Beijing plant, was fully tested in-house to ensure a fast installation and ramp-up in the Nongfu Spring production facility. Sidel proposed a bottling line at the required output of 14,000bph, integrating blow, fill and cap functions in a single machine.

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