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Petainer has expanded its distribution and manufacturing footprint in the US, following its partnership with G3 Enterprises, who offers wine and spirits industry packaging and supply chain solutions across the US. The partnership leverages Petainer’s expanding customer base, and the growing popularity of wine-on-tap as a viable alternative to bottled wine for the retail trade.

The partnership has launched a new operation to enhance G3 Enterprise’s customer experience offering mobile keg filling as well as opening up a blowing hub in North America. The mobile keg filling operation allows wine producers and retailers to keg their wine at any of their locations using one-way Petainer kegs. The blowing hub located in Modesto, CA serves customers across North America and has the capacity to blow kegs for wine, beer and water coolers.

It is claimed that the Petainer 20l PET kegs allow wineries to grow sales of wine-on-tap with a low cost of ownership. The one-way recycable keg is utilising the same dispending systems required for conventional steel kegs.

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