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Amsler Equipment Inc. has just completed and shipped its first next-generation single-cavity LM15X PET stretch blow moulding machine to R&D/Leverage in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The requirement from R&D/Leverage for a machine to test and run moulds for various PET machines led to the development of the new series. The result is a small-footprint fully-functioning, production-capable, single-cavity PET stretch blow moulding machine. It can be used in labs, for small production runs, pilot production, customer trials, mould run-offs, material testing and preform testing.

The options of neck orientation, hot fill and preferential heating can all be included. The machine can make up to 11 million 500ml water bottles per year. Two bottle size ranges are available for the single-cavity machine: the L12X for bottles from 20ml up to 2 liters and the L15X for bottles from 20ml up to 5 liters. Neck sizes for both systems range from 18mm up to 63mm. Each size range has two versions: the semi-automatic with hand loading of preforms and the fully automatic version with an automatic preform loading system.

The neck orientation system feature is unique in that it works with standard preforms. The preferential heating option is designed for oval bottles and can help to open up the processing window. These options can be used separately or together using a simple bolt-on and -off installation system.

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